Monday, February 11, 2008

Celebrity Mentality (Kanye West)

I saw all of about two minutes of the Grammy Awards. I watched some extra-terrestrial named Kanye West win something or other. Dressed like a total freak of nature (making "goths" look normal), he went up and accepted his award. After several moments of blabbering nonsense, that would make Karl Malone sound intelligible, the music starts, cuing him to shut-up and sit down. He goes, "Ah man, you aint gonna turn da music on me are ya?" He continues rambling nonsense for a while, then mentions his mom (who recently died), and says, "This would be an appropriate time to turn off the music." So this little slimeball actually used his very own mothers recent death, to garner a little more time in the spot light. The only way to top that, is if celebrities start killing their own mothers to get some attention.

Which celebrity will be first to kill their own mother, for some attention? My bet is on Lindsey Lohan, or Paris Hilton.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're Screwed

I guess it's about time I say something about this presidential race. What is there really to say though, except that the American people have totally screwed themselves. Over the last few decades we have totally failed as a democracy. We have repeatedly rewarded the slimiest liar in the land, by electing them to the highest position in the "free" world. Our election process could be fixed, but that's not what this is about today.

As these primaries have progressed, I've been at a total loss as to who I would actually want for a president. Let's go through the big 5 and see if there is anything worth voting for. I'll start with the worst options first.

Hilary (William) Clinton:
I could easily pick at all the lying and waffling she's done over the last few years as a Senator. What with all the "Those Iraqis have WMD's! Do something!" to "Why are we invading Iraq, they've done nothing wrong!" How about "Sure, go ahead and give anyone who asks, a government issued ID!" to "We shouldn't just hand out Drivers Licenses. That's a bad idea."

See, I told you she is too easy. Fortunately for her, the people that want her elected are the same ignorant welfare cases, that elected her husband (I would fear repercussions for saying something like that on the internet, but let's face facts. The people I'm talking about here, can't read.).

When/If she is elected we will take many more steps toward becoming the United Socialist States of America (I guess we're calling that "progressive" these days).

Right thinking people would never elect this woman to the oval office. I just hope there are enough sane people left to stop that from happening.

John McCain:
Here, we have another waffler who will tell you anything to get elected. Apparently, anyone can be in the republican party who wants in. McCain, is the smartest strategical move that the liberals have ever perpetrated. Some freaking genius somewhere decided to plant a democrat in the conservative party.

Make no mistake. John McCain is drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

This weasel has wormed his way into the republican drivers seat. I don't want him to be president, but if the only other option is Billary, I guess I'll take it. Heaven help representative democracy.

Barack Obama:
Is this guy really any better than Hillary? I don't know because I didn't know he existed till he started running for president. My impression, is that he's a democrat, and hasn't told us anything about what he's going to do if elected (Not that any of the other options have.). The only thing I've heard is that he's "different". He is a "change". Big deal! I would be a change too!

The general impression I get is that he's being honest. Is that because he's slicker than the others? Is that a good thing?

If it were Obama against McCain, I'd actually vote for Obama. Get this. He's a democrat, and he's black (I'll tell you about how many times that stereo type has held true in my dealings, some day), but I'd choose him over the pasty white old lying warmonger. Oh sure, he'll still degrade our morals. He'll still steal from me. He'll still divide this country. He'll even push some cockamamy environmental-global-warming BS. That's sadly still better than what McCain, and Clinton will do to us.

Mitt Romney:
I am LDS. Romney is LDS. (By the way when you say "mormon", say it with respect. The way most non-members say "mormon", is just the same as calling black people niggers. I'll rant more about that some day too). Some sheep were pulling for Mitt, simply because he belonged to the same religion. That's just not right. This guy is slick. Before praising him about he handled the olympics (and the budget surplus he managed), talk to all the U of U students who payed a few hundred bucks each to build some of the olympic venues, all while being denied most of their parking spaces (which they were also paying for). That surplus that Slick-Mitt managed, came out the students pockets!

Of all those listed before, this is the only one that might not do any damage while in office. I'd vote for him, over Obama or Clinton.

Mike Huckabee:
Never heard of him, before this election circus started, either. So far he seems honest. I think he might truly want to help us...the people. He hasn't lied enough, nor spent enough money, to make it to the big show.

This is the guy who actually represents what I thought honest, hard-working conservative republicans represent. Looks like republicans are more like democrats than ever before. Maybe Huckabee will start a 3rd party. One that stands for something. Yeah right!

Ron Paul:
"Wait a minute, he said he'd only talk about 5. What's with this Ron Paul nonesense."

I really think the government should get the hell out of our way. That same thought is why people think Ron Paul is crazy. We the people...can solve most of our own problems, if the government would stop screwing us.

If Ron Paul runs as an independent (cause I don't think Huckabee will), he gets my vote. Otherwise, I'll be writing in General Zod!