Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If they're against it...

First: Yes it's been a while. There have only even been a couple of things I wanted to post about in the last year and a half, but just couldn't be bothered.

I have a LAN party for 2 days every year right after Thanksgiving. We have a great time, but that's not what I'm posting about today.

The Friday after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - doesn't catch my interest at all. There are people there. If you pay attention there aren't really any actual deals to be had. I did go to one several years ago, it was the only way you could get a Furby that Christmas. I waited in line for hours and got my ticket drawn as one of the few lucky ones. I might even still have that possessed little toy around somewhere.

I just learned that the people who kick started the Occupy silliness are also protesting Black Friday. That my friends is all the incentive I need to go out and buy something, anything, on the 25th. I figure that anything a bunch of drug addled do nothing students and union "workers" are against, I'm for it (I realize there are actual union workers who do in fact work. They are such a sad minority I'd be embarrassed to admit I were in a union if I were them).

I especially love all the millionaire celebrities that keep announcing their support for the Occupy protest. They really are so stupid, and out of touch with reality, that they don't know they are NOT the 99%.

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Blogger Wow Panda said...

Welcome back! And catching on to your idea, there should be a Occupy Hollywood :-)

2:39 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Add something to your gift list that I can afford. :)

5:47 PM  

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