Friday, January 30, 2009

The Super Partisan Administration

For all his talk about reaching across the aisle, inviting republicans and democrats over to watch the big game, he sure knows how to drive a wedge down the middle of the country.

Rush Limbaugh is the single most widely heard representation of conservative thought. Attacking him will buy Obama nothing but hate from a whole lot of people.

I don't listen to Rush, I'm more of a Glenn Beck man myself. There are lots and lots of people who do though, and they feel like Rush is the only person giving them a voice. Attacking Rush is attacking those voting citizens as well.

Obama's first piece of legislature was one of the most divided votes you can get. Not one single Republican voted for this economic stimulus plan, it's not only because it does not make sense, is chock full of pork, and just plain stupid. No, Obama also had to attack the Republicans constituents as well, ensuring he wouldn't get any republican votes.

I thought he was supposed to be smarter than this. Maybe Obama is getting a kick back from Limbaugh for all of the extra advertising.

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Blogger Kathleen said...

It is below the office of the president to comment negatively on Limbaugh. It reminds me of my 6th graders. Teacher: "Why did you call him that?" Child: "Well, he called me a name first." The right thing to do is turn and walk away. The president of our country should never stoop to this kind of drama. I'm so proud of the Republicans for not voting for this "fat" stimulus package. It's about time they did something right.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Ages ago somebody pointed out to me that although you see lots of commercials for Pepsi that directly went against Coke trying to convince you that they were better, you never saw Coke commercials that even acknowledged Pepsi existed. The rational is that Coke is number 1 and Pepsi is number 2. Why should Coke give Pepsi the air-time by mentioning them? Once you mention them, once you acknowledge they exist, once you do that you acknowledge that there is a competition and that there is an alternative product for your audience.

Not exactly the same thing, but yeah by say that he is only fueling the fire he was supposed to be putting out.

7:06 AM  

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