Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's anti-economy pro-environment thoughts

I don't give credence to the idea that we are in a financial crises. I think the term crisis should be reserved for things that are actually, you know, a crises. Let's pretend for this post that our economy does need emergency saving, and that the gov't should intervene.

Obama wants to crack down on auto exhaust. Not a bad idea. However he wants to do it by forcing stricter emissions laws on auto makers. Bad idea.

Let's say you're shopping for a new (used, whatever) car. You narrow your choice to two that are near identical, even in price, except that one has much better gas mileage. which one would you purchase? See, that's how a free market works. You're making a choice for the better product.

On the flip side, what enforced vehicle improvements tend to do is make the car itself so much more expensive that it grossly outweighs the benefits of fuel effeciency. These cars often take more expensive or hazardous (those batteries in the hybrids) materials to make. Costing more in energy and polution to manufacture than they save in emissions.

More expensive vehicles will hurt the middle to lower class in the long run, but what do the elitists on the hill care about us little people anyway. Right now Obama should be looking at ways to cut costs on things that the common Joe needs, not make them more expensive...the economy and all.

So far new administration continues to fail at grasping the big picture.

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Blogger The Intellectual Redneck said...

The "Big Three" are under bankruptcy watch and begging for more bailout money. President Barack Obama thinks this is a good time to appease his environmental base by weighing Detroit down with a new round of environmental regulations. This is a horrible timing and it will severely damage the ability of the "Big Three" to return to profitability. The first increase in CAFE will take place by the 2011 model year. Detroit is now preparing to launch the 2010 model year in July. Read more here. The "Big Three" are sinking and Barack Obama fires a salvo of torpedoes

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