Thursday, August 23, 2007


By all accounts Bioshock is supposed to be one very very good game.

I am in the process of ordering the parts to put together my new computer. There are some games coming out soon that (maybe not so soon) I intend to play and play well. I will NOT be handicapped by a 3 year old PC.

How do these two topics relate to each other? Bioshock was going to be the game I broke the new rig in on, but not any more. To sum up, Bioshock has a nasty piece of DRM on it that requires an internet connection to activate the game (this is the same reason that contributes to why I have never played Half-Life 2). Rumor has it that it may also contain a rootkit! The game might as well install some viruses and a porn dialler while it's at it, 'cause there aint mush of a difference in my book.

Let this be a notice to all ya'll that work in the game industry that stop by here (hi Tim, hi Joseph). I will not buy games that have such intrusive DRM. It's not likely anything Tim works on (a Disney studio doing Wii game I believe) will end up on my PC, and Joseph's latest, is an MMO, which shouldn't really need any DRM either. So, I guess this post accomplishes absolutely didly squat, but I want it out there on the intartoobes anyhow.