Sunday, July 13, 2008

Online Debate Rules

Some people blog about rather controversial subjects from time to time. Sometimes the comment thread of these posts turn into very heated, name calling debates, in which case they should be shut down immediately by whoever runs the place (and probably go ahead and delete all of the grossly offensive comments). Other times a polite discussion (rare for the internets I know) occurs discussing both sides of the topic.

I was recently involved very briefly in one of these regarding gay marriage laws in California. We won't be debating the issue here on this blog today (comments regarding gay marriage specifically will be deleted*). Instead we'll discuss a rule of such a debate. If you choose to take the point that all laws should be based on logic (would be hard to argue against that would it not?) and not religion (or lack thereof), you cannot later result to vulgarities and closing of such a discussion when faced with overwhelming logic against you. That's just the way it goes. Put up or concede defeat.

*First I have not made my viewpoint about the subject clear on this blog, and you would have a hard time tracking my movements on the internet to pin it down. Also, over the years I've had the gay and lesbian argument a number of times, and there is always right around the same point to my logical bombardment that the conversation get's shut down. Don't think you are somehow smarter or have a different reasoning than the countless others that have tried. Someday I may make the whole post here, and give you an opportunity then, to come up with something truly clever.