Monday, December 07, 2009

Moving Speed

We've had our house for sale since late July, and a couple of weeks ago we accepted an offer. The buyers have been really on top of it with scheduling inspections and the FHA appraisal. We were all set to close on the 11th (original date was going to be the 21st) when the FHA appraiser decided we needed to replace the garage roof and - get this - repaint the foundation. Yeah, so being a very busy several weeks I don't have time to do either of those, so I started getting estimates. More than I'd like to spend! We sent out the request for the buyers to split the cost, and the response we got back was that they'd be willing to come and do the painting if I supply the paint. This was the point at which I was finally confident that our buyers meant business. That assurance that this deal wasn't going to flake out at the last minute was well worth the ridiculous amount of money I just spent on a whole new roof (all the way down to the sheeting).

The buyers are real troopers. Painting in the snow takes some serious commitment.

So now we also have an offer on a house. The goal is to close before the end of the year. I'm going to be twisting the arm of my mortgage guy (Hi Merritt) to somehow start and close a loan in 20 days. I think he can do it though! :D