Thursday, August 23, 2007


By all accounts Bioshock is supposed to be one very very good game.

I am in the process of ordering the parts to put together my new computer. There are some games coming out soon that (maybe not so soon) I intend to play and play well. I will NOT be handicapped by a 3 year old PC.

How do these two topics relate to each other? Bioshock was going to be the game I broke the new rig in on, but not any more. To sum up, Bioshock has a nasty piece of DRM on it that requires an internet connection to activate the game (this is the same reason that contributes to why I have never played Half-Life 2). Rumor has it that it may also contain a rootkit! The game might as well install some viruses and a porn dialler while it's at it, 'cause there aint mush of a difference in my book.

Let this be a notice to all ya'll that work in the game industry that stop by here (hi Tim, hi Joseph). I will not buy games that have such intrusive DRM. It's not likely anything Tim works on (a Disney studio doing Wii game I believe) will end up on my PC, and Joseph's latest, is an MMO, which shouldn't really need any DRM either. So, I guess this post accomplishes absolutely didly squat, but I want it out there on the intartoobes anyhow.



Anonymous Tim said...

Oh, I've taken notice alright. But I doubt I'll ever be in a position to make these kind of suggestions and have them matter.

It's kinda sad to see how much time and money they put into keeping Bioshock from being cracked. Especially since it only took the hackers a few days to get the job done.

They used every DRM trick in the book, except a physical dongle key that you have to plug in your machine, and all it accomplished was to piss off the legit customers. Bad move.

As my father-in-law always says "Locks only keep honest people out, thieves will always find a way in."

The point is, use one or two non-obtrusive DRM methods and call it done. Don't waste your money. More measures will just piss off the legit players that are only willing to go through a few hoops.

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