Monday, April 30, 2007

Meh of Colossus

I bought Shadow of the Colossus a few months back and for a while savored the fun of figuring out each colussus one at a time, which is why it took a while to finish the game (Mostly lies, I was splitting game time between WoW, FFXII, Colossus, my new DS Lite, etc.).

I really enjoyed the game up through about the 12th colossus. Many memorable slayings of giants. Even though there were the occasional beast that I finally figured out accidentally in sheer frustration, I couldn't be happier with the game. At that point I would call it one of the best games I've ever played on any console.

Then something happened.

A couple of problems exist in the game from the very beginning, but they are minor and easily ignored most of the time. The controls used to mover your character about are not as responsive as I'd like, and the camera has a mind of it's own, and a desire to show off scenery instead of where I'm going.

I fell from great heights off the back of a soaring monster multiple times. This happened only because the camera continously tried to turn to show my character from the front, instead of my destination. Combine that with the unresponsive controls and you have a recipe for aggravation.

One colossus (I'll be vague to not spoil what needs to happen) absolutely refused to get in the position it needed to be for me to accomplish the trick that was required. I sat on it's back hanging on for 30 minutes, as it craftily avoided where I wanted (and it's pathing had already successfully done 3 times before) it to go.

You know what makes a game less fun? Knowing where you need to get your character to, and knowing where you are currently at, but not being able so see either of them. Trying to drop from one moving object onto another moving object while the camera is stuffed in the smelly armpit of living stone is not fun.

Shadow of the Colossus was a pretty good game, but could have been great if it didn't suffer from the worst camera control I have ever experienced in any game...ever!


Blogger Joseph the Fourth said...

I didn't play Shadow of the Colossus because I'd would have to have somebody buy it for me in the US and mail to me, stupid region coding. But I did like Ico, did you play that one? Ico was done by the same guys and is considered both a spiritual successor and prequel to Ico.

It didn't get much attention, I had heard mention of it in the gaming press but it wasn't till the a guy mentioned it in a job interview I had with Midway Games that I decided to go out and buy it.

Failures: 0

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