Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rehashed Hour 3

Me and the misses saw Rush Hour 3 the other night. The first 2 in the series were really funny. Lots of jokes one after another. This one though, was just kind of OK funny.

The story is the same as the first 2. Didn't we already fight the Triad?

A number of jokes were just references to jokes from the previous 2 installations. Some were even references to the outtakes of the previous 2.

The fights weren't nearly as long, involved, or creative as the others.

So, I'm glad I didn't see it 'till it was in the cheap theaters.

On the positive side, the chick in the flick (I should trademark that as representing a leading lady in a movie), NoƩmie Lenoir, was pretty good looking...after she took the wig off. My wife agrees with me on this. Bald, she is hot, with the hair...meh.



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