Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coming Games

In my last post I mentioned some games coming out soon that I've been keeping an eye on. Some are getting pretty close and there have been rumblings from beta participants that are forming up. I'll try to explain a little about the basic concept of the game, but to learn more you could always check out their websites.

Tabula Rasa (forget it):
This is touted as an MMOFPS. If you have visions of planetside dancing in your head I think you've got the right idea. Except, I don't think there are any vehicles (flying was my favorite part of planetside), and it isn't in FIRST PERSON! I didn't realize that last part until a week ago. What kind of FPS is not in FP?!? The ducking and covering part appears broken in beta, but that kind of thing can be fixed, unless you can't see through your characters own eyes to know if you have line of sight with your target or not (ie. not in first person). So at this point it sounds a lot like SWG (without the good crafting). Thanks, but no thanks.

Huxley (holding pattern):Also an MMOFPS, but I still think that this one is in first person. We don't hear much about this game, it starts beta today, or when it might launch. So, we'll just set awhile and see.



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