Friday, September 14, 2007

Next game on my list

Fury (crossing fingers):

My first MMO was DAOC. I was pulled from counter-strike into camelot with the promise of this totally revolutionary PvP area where your entire realm would fight with each of the other two realms. The mere thought made me weak in the knees. I was smitten. I never got to play that part though (even after 6 months of trying to get there). Heart-broken. :(

There have been a few other games that I've tried the PvP in and none of them have been that solid. None had anything resembling tactics or strategy. It's always a matter of being the right level with uber equipment (and the overpowerd class of the month).

Fury is just the PvP part without the suck (no grinding to the right level). Right now I see this as counter-strike with magic and swords.

There will be a free-to-play option, or a subscription option (provides things like teleporting to towns and stuff like that). This should be good for pulling in and keeping a good population in game.

At this point I had originally planned to mention all the complaints about the games performance, how that will affect launch, and critical mass of players, and a suggestion to delay the game a bit. That's what I had written yesterday with the intent of posting it today. This morning that changed.

In my email this morning was the latest newsletter from Auran (the people making fury). Please read it if you've had the same concerns I've been hearing about. In summary they say, "We know of performance problems, they are being worked on. The client at launch will be much improved and we're goin to let you try the client as we develop it. Launch date is being delayed, we'll let you know." That is all good news to me.

No one remembers a delayed launch, but everyone remembers a botched one, this is true in all software development.



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