Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hollywood Strike

There has been a little talk lately about the contract junk going on in Hollywood. The writers guild (the union of people who write scripts for TV and movies) is in negotiatons with the producers right now on contracts. There are details and crap, but I don't care what they are.

The writers are threatening to go on strike, and the actors may very well do the same when their contract comes up next summer.

So what!

Hollywood recently has also tried to pin the blame for low box office numbers on video games, most notably Halo 3. I myself am a gamer snob (the elitist class of video game players), a PC man if you will. Halo is beneath me.

My wife and I like movies. We go to the movies or rent movies multiple times a week...at least we use to. I'm not sure I can name more that half a dozen good movies this year, and some of those are only good in comparison to the rest of the crap.

In no particular order:
Live free die hard
Transformers (action scenes in general are too frenetic any more, this is more of the same)
Stardust (really good movie)

Oh boy. Did I already run out of good movies? I don't keep track and compile a top 10 for the year, so I may have forgotten some. I would hope there were at least a few more.

Let's look at what's in theaters right now.

Let's go back and add in Ratatouille as one of the good movies this year.

That first list is mostly rated R movies. Not rated R because there was an artistic reason to include more violence or language or nudity. No. There is extra violence language and nudity just for the sake of it, or in the hopes of getting an R rating. How pathetic. These aren't artists. Not at all. Further, my wife is going out of town this weekend. What normally happens on such an occasion is I go watch or rent movies she normally wouldn't go for. I think last time this happened I watched "Aliens vs. Predator" (meh). So, what are my options this time? Maybe "3:10 to Yuma". That's it. That sucks! Hopefully I can get "Shooter" from redbox.

The second list is the cheap theater. I've already seen the 3 good ones on that list. Heck I expeced "Bean's Holiday" to have been better than it was, but we saw that a few days ago...meh.

Strike? How can you "go" on strike when you've been on strike for the last 12 months already?

Are video games stealing some cash from the movie industry? You bet they are, because some of there stuff doesn't suck!

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