Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What are you doing with my money?!?!

Yesterday morning while on her run my wife ran past the same drug dude she's seen on previous days. This guy has drugs, I think my wife mentioned a bag pot. My wife being the concerned citizen she is decided that enough was enough and the guy is consistently around enough that she should do something about it. She called the drug hotline and left them her contact information.

Later that day she got pulled over by a police officer. The officer asked her why she was going to fast, and she didn't have any excuses. The officer lowered the speeding ticket to only 9 miles over.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate our pathetic excuse for law enforcement. They'll sit all day at a speed trap, but when our car is broken into (along with 5 others that night) and we ask what they are going to do about it, they're response was "We aren't going to finger print or anything, this isn't CSI Salt Lake."

Meanwhile, my wife still has not been contacted by the drug hotline. Apparently it's more important to generate more revenue through speeding tickets than make a simple phone call that will pull one more drug dealer out of our neighborhood.

"Protect and to serve" My ass!


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