Thursday, October 12, 2006

Going Wii

I'm not real big into consoles. They're OK, but they rarely have the kinds of games I like to play. I've never seen a good FPS or RTS on a console. I don't think it can be done.

I have no desire to own an X360, PS3 isn't really exciting me too much either. Can you say "rediculous prices"? I knew you could. They guy in the cubical next to me holds preorder ticket number 16 at his local gamestop. He just left work (2:20 PM) to go get in line for the Wii preorder at his local gamestop. Despite the retarded name I'm considering getting a Wii. When I say that though it really might not be till next year. I haven't played a zelda game since the first 2, but the controller for the Wii really makes it tempting.

Nintendo will win this gen console war. A lot of people are saying that. I tend to agree with them, but this article at Gamasutra solidifies it for me. Note how nintendo is trying to help developers make games as effortlessly as they can. This is a page right out of the Microsoft playbook. Help the developers make software for your platform and your platform will dominate. Software engineers aren't down with the whole self torture thing by nature. If there is a tool or environment that makes life easier (without hurting performance) we'll take it (and some seem to not care about that performance part).

Update: My co-worker and his friend were 1st and 2nd in line of 14 available Wii (is that the plural?). He said he'd rather wait in a line all night in October than in December, when all the mom's will desperately be trying to get one of these in freezing temperatures.


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