Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In a galaxy...

This is the part where I don't apologize for how long it has been since my last entry.

I played Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) for a while when it first came out. I think it was 6 months, because I historically play MMOs for 6 months. Back then the game was mostly about resources and crafting, sure you could shoot stuff a little bit, but that mostly happened while traveling to your various harvesters or other structures. You could even go to an automated task machine (ATM) to get a mission. All of these consisted of traveling to point X,Y and killing the nest of critters.

So the basic game was the economy, which was totally player driven. There wasn't a single thing that you could buy if it wasn't made by another player. The only thing you paid non player characters (NPC) for was training, and that was only if you couldn't find another player who could train you for free.

In my opinion the economy was game was pretty good except for one thing, there were missions that paid out huge tons of cash to players who were tough enough to survive certain planets. So, the crafters could charge huge sums for their good gear. The crafters were in turn charged for the resources they needed.

Ahh, the resources. Well you'd be better off learning about the resources and thier variable stats from somewhere else. I spent most of the 6 months running around paying upkeep on and putting power into my harvesters. I gave up on quality early on and just focused on bulk of the most needed resource in the game, ore. Ore didn't matter a whole lot because it was used mostly in making player buildings, and who needs high stats on their house.

In short, there wasn't much of a game part of SWG, it was just a sandbox. Which is why after I already had oodles of money and nothing really to do with it, it was time to quit.

SOE has majorly changed SWG twice since I've left. One big change was considered the combat upgrade or some such drivel...more people left. Now they have changed the whole thing into a twitch game and the rest are leaving now too.

Kind of sad in the same way that the 3 latest star wars movies were sad. They're OK, but considering the potential, what a let down.


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