Saturday, October 22, 2005

Underage PvP

Do you see that time difference between posts? Well, don't expect that to change much...ever.

I've been playing WoW (World of Warcraft) for a couple of months now. I currently have a level 31 Tauren Druid (Hotan), and a level 24 Forsaken Priest (Gleb).

I logged in with Gleb the other day only to find a lvl 24 bear munching on my decaying skull. "Oh Yeah! The server crashed last time I was on." Nothing a little power word shield, can't fix. I ignore the bear and run back to town.

Back in Tarren Mill I find the most wonderful surprise, no not the "Hallow's End" celebration, though I think it's cool to see all of the decorations and go trick-or-treating. I really want to do the quests for it, so I need to go visit the wicker man at undercity. At Tarren Mill there was this big PvP battle going on, probably 20+ Horde adn more than that of Alliance duking it out. Most of the leet dood hardcore players will complain if you join something like this at lvl 24. I've heard a bit of that.
"We're going to lose because our whole team is only like level 22 man..."
"Don't come to BG until your higher level noob..."
"Cry more..."

Anyways (by the way I'm told that isn't a word...I don't care.), I'm a priest I can ALWAYS contribute to PvP. If my shield keeps a warrior alive through just one more hit, or my heals preseve the real fighters lives for just a few more seconds, that could mean the difference between who kills who.

Healers are not the only folk who can contribute at lower than cap level. Have you ever been in a battle and wished there was some way to get those pesky rogues to come out of hiding so you can clobber them? I know of no better bait than an easy kill and low level characters make for the easiest kills. Many have said "Just one more hit and I would have had him." Well, it's not unheard of for us low level characters to do upwords of 100+ dmg. I know that doesn't sound like much to the level 60s, but just that much may change the outcome of the battle.

One exception I know of where there is good argument for low level characters to not be involved is the battlegrounds (BG). Everyone needs to be atop contributor to win, and the number of participants is limited. So a level 22 priest trying to do much in warsong gulch really is a joke (been there), but a level 29 character is a dominant predetor in BG. Hey 29 is still low level in the grand scheme of things, but when BG are designated for level ranges, 29 is king.


Anonymous Tchakra said...

this is a response to your comment, i didnt want to spread GW all over josephs blog.

I agree that the GW player base arent the nicest with cream on top, and it is also true that the pvp community has only been bitching about GW for as long as the game past the "new game" period. However most of those player still play gw because it is the only game that offer them nearest to good and quick pvp with no need to wait an hour to start a raid or the like.
Most of the criticism GW received were due to expectation of the player differing fro the ones of the devs. As joseph says it was viewed as the "pvp promised" land but it turned out to be "L2/WoW/etc with no fees". The fact that Anet tried to keep two side of a coin up sided turned out to be two difficult. everyside would critisize what the opposite side wanted.
common example"
PVPers:" We want quicker access to skills, ie less grind"
PVEers:" No what is the point of earning then if you get everything on a silver plate, increase level cap."

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