Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Look ma, I'm on the intarwebs

I don't think there has ever been a picture of me on the internet before, but there is one now!

There was an IGDA Utah chapter meeting a while back. I was one of the "industry outsiders" that was there (and the most outside probably).

Front left side is yours truly. I have a friend (shocking I know) that I talked into going with me. Tim is pictured front right. He is one of them artsy fartsy types, working at Smart Bomb Interactive here in Salt Lake. If you play Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, he worked on that game, and I think the first intro tutorial/hub level is his doing.
I don't remember any of the other's names for sure, so I won't name them, but the guys sitting next to us work for some Disney studio. The guy on the right side in the back seemed to be an "Indie" of some kind. The remaining fellow on the right was the other "outsider", but he's at least done some graphics programming and looking at getting into the industry. The guy taking the pictures is Josh Jones who I think is in charge of our chapter of the IGDA.

Bunch of really nice guys and the food was good. I even made it back in time to run the WoW instance for the evening.

You'll notice that there aren't very many people at this meeting. What gives? Rampant Coyote mentioned an "Indie" meeting a while back that had over 35 people in attendance. Only Josh was at both meetings. The game industry is so broken in so many ways. :(


Anonymous TheScoutMasta' said...

Fame, Eternal Glory, and maybe even a few Riches are now within your grasp...

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